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Board Members

  • Dr. Saber Perdes
    Dr. Saber Perdes
    Dr. Saber Perdes is a public health specialist and medical doctor with over 12 years of professional experience in program management, capacity building and research in government and Non-government Organizations (NGOs). He is currently Senior Advisor on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) to the Deputy Minister of General Education at the Afghanistan Ministry of Education (MoE). In addition, he is a lecturer at the School of Medicine, Zawul Institute of Higher Education (ZIHE) where he teaches public health management to senior students. He has worked at various levels of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GoIRA) and NGOs. In a voluntary capacity, Dr. Perdes is currently serving as vice president and board member of the Afghanistan Cancer Foundation (ACF), International Relations Coordinator at the Afghanistan National Public Health Association (ANPHA) and oversight committee member at the Afghanistan Fulbright Association (AFA). He is a founding member of ANPHA and AFA and he served as executive board member of ANPHA from 2012 till 2015. Dr. Perdes has an MD from Shaikh Zayed University (Afghanistan) and an MPH from Saint Louis University (United States). He has co-authored several research reports and technical publications at MoPH and ANPHA. He was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in 2009. He speaks English, Dari, Pashtu, Hindi and basic French and Arabic.
  • Shinkai Karokhail
    Shinkai Karokhail
    Mrs Karokhail was born in Kabul, Afghanistan where she attended Medical Schools at Kabul University and graduated with a medical degree. In 1991, she among other women activists founded the Afghan Women’s Educational Center (AWEC). First she took the teaching responsibilities at the organization followed by positions. In 2002, she became the director of the organizations overseeing development and humanitarian projects. Mrs Karokhail was elected as MP at the Wolesi Jirga representing Kabul province. She got re-elected in 2010. She is now ambassador in Afghan Embassy in Canada.  Mrs Karokhail is a vocal advocate of women’s rights in country while working on conflict prevention programs.
  • Fawzia Alam
    Fawzia Alam
  • Maihan Abdullah
    Maihan Abdullah
  • Zabihullah Stanikzai
    Zabihullah Stanikzai
  • Abdullah Hemat Baheer
    Abdullah Hemat Baheer
  • Nasrin Oryakhil
    Nasrin Oryakhil
    Dr. Nasrin Oryakhil was born in 1968 in Kabul. She was awarded with Secretery of State’s International Women Courage Award in 2014. Dr. Nasrin Oryakhil is a doctor of Gynecology and Ostetrics and was the Director of Malalai Maternity Hospital until 2015. She was then introduced as the minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled to the Wolesi Jirga by Dr. Ashraf Ghani, the president of Afghanistan. Dr. Nasrin the first center for obstetric fistula repair at Malalai Maternity hospital. She is also the president of the non-governmental organization Afghan Family Health Association and supported the establishment of Afghan Midwives Association. 
  • Feroza Mushtari
    Feroza Mushtari
  • Nargis Nehan
    Nargis Nehan
  • Nilab Mubarez
    Nilab Mubarez
    Dr. Nilab Mubarez, daughter of Abdul Hamid Mubarez was born in 1961 in Afghanistan. She is a surgeon and former professor at Kabul University. Dr. Mubarez a freelance journalist and author and she was also a background paper author for the Afghanistan Humand Development Report in 2007. She was working with UNAMA from 2007 to 2015 as a press officer. Currently, she is the Secretary General to Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS).  
  • Shereen Aqa Zarif
    Shereen Aqa Zarif
  • Alema Alam
    Alema Alam
    Dr. Alema is prominent Afghan scholar in the fields of social sciences and philosophy. She has twenty years of professional experiences in conflict analysis, development and project management in conflict and post-conflict settings. She is the author of publications on German-Afghan foreign relations as well as on women empowerment in Afghanistan. She is a famous women rights and human rights defender in Afghanistan and across the world. She has presented lectures to academic institutions on philosophy and social development. She gives interviews and participates in round-tables in national and international media as an Afghan relations expert to international community. She is a professional trainer and moderator in the fields of human rights, humanitarian law with focus on refugees, immigrants and displaced persons. She has experienced employments across sectors including non-profit and government agencies.Deputy Minister of Ministry of Refugees, Returnees and Repatriation (MoRR)Kabul Afghanistan, 2016- up to datePolitical & International Relations Advisor to Minister, Ministry of Women's Affairs, Kabul, Afghanistan July 2014 – presentCivil Peace Service (ZFD) Kabul, AfghanistanProgram Coordinator 2008 - 2013
  • Palwasha Hassan
    Palwasha Hassan
  • Ahmad Jan Naeem
    Ahmad Jan Naeem
  • Zia- ur-Rahman Haleemi
    Zia- ur-Rahman Haleemi