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H.E. Rula (Bibi Gul) Ghani

At his inauguration on September 29, 2014, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani introduced his wife of 40 years, Rula “BibiGul” Ghani, to the Afghan nation, and predicted that she would soon be involved in attending to the needs of the most vulnerable among the population. That was almost three years ago and since then the First Lady has indeed opened the doors of her office and has received delegation after delegation from the farthest corners of the country. BibiGul sees her role as a listener, as a facilitator, and as an advocate. She listens attentively to the people as they share with her their hopes, their concerns, their demands. She encourages them to find solutions and she advocates their cause whenever and wherever she can. 

Her concern about the situation of women serving sentences in Afghan prisons led to the formation of an ongoing presidential commission mandated to examine each case separately. As a result, about 200 women were freed and hunderes of others received reduction their sentences. 

In the field of women in security, she has been a persistent advocate for the development of the existing Afghan police Family Response Units (FRUs) as a tool to help resolve family situations before they turn into dramatic conflicts. 

In the field of health, together with her team of advisors, she helped bring about the establishment of the Afghan Cancer Foundation in July 2016, and the opening in May 2016 of a treatment center for 1500 addicts, the Hope Center (Markaz Omid), located at what used to be the military camp Pheonix. 

BibiGul has also tried to encourage and cheer  Afghan women on their efforts in the economic field. She was instrumental in assisting a group of young women entrepreneurs establish a Chamber of Commerce for Afghan Women. 


She has also brought together in May 2016 prominent Afghan women from Kabul and the provinces in a Symposium to discuss their role and contribution to the rebuilding of Afghanistan. In May 2017, another Afghan women symposium discussed the role of Afghan women as Messengers of Peace. 

Prior to becoming the First Lady of Afghanistan, BibiGul had spent several years helping Aschiana, an Afghan grassroots organization focusing on the needs of children working on the streets of Kabul.

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