There is a 'can' in Cancer because we CAN beat it!


Advocacy is the cornerstone of Afghanistan Cancer Foundation’s activities. In fact, the organization has been the leading organization in Afghanistan to advocate for cancer control in the country, since its establishment in June 2016. Afghanistan Cancer Foundation will continue to expand its advocacy to the targeted audience in Afghanistan in order to prompt action against cancer. 


Afghanistan Cancer Foundation is well aware of the current situation and the challenges related to cancer in the country. Therefore, the organization has already identified barriers and challenges in cancer control that needs to be addressed. Because very little has been done so far to curb cancer in the country, there are numerous hurdles and obstacles barriers in almost all the components of the cancer control in the country. Hence, the Afghanistan Cancer Foundation’s advocacy efforts include a large spectrum of activities that cover all the related components of cancer control such as, prevention, early detection, treatment and palliative care. 


Afghanistan Cancer Foundation’s target audience for advocacy includes both decision makers in the government and the general population. The Foundation has been advocating to the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) of Afghanistan to have national policies and strategies for cancer control in the country. Fortunately, MoPH has already taken the initiative and established a National Cancer Control Program (NCCP) in the country. Moreover, the foundation has worked on targeted messages to convey to other stakeholders including the patients and the community at large to take action against the deadly disease. 


Through its advocacy efforts, the Afghanistan Cancer Foundation managed to secure 3 million US dollars of funding by Ministry of Finance (MoF) of Afghanistan to the Kabul Medical University to build a cancer center. Furthermore, in 2016, through Afghanistan Cancer Foundation advocacy MoF funded 230,000 US dollars to Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) of Afghanistan for the establishment cancer diagnosis and treatment center. Also, in 2017, Afghanistan Cancer Foundation convinced MoF to double its funding for cancer to MoPH to an amount of 500,000 US dollars.