There is a 'can' in Cancer because we CAN beat it!


Human resources for cancer has been scares in Afghanistan. There are very few medical and surgical oncologists available in the country, let alone oncology nurses, onco-technicians and other technical staff for cancer services. Still, the National Cancer Control Program (NCCP) and Afghanistan Cancer Foundation managed to recruit medical and surgical oncologists, resident trainees and nurses for the cancer ward in Jamhoriat hospital located in Kabul city.


Meanwhile, the capacity of the above mentioned staff needs to be built to improve the quality of cancer services. Therefore, the Afghanistan Cancer Foundation provides the following training services to build the capacity of the staff not only at Jamhoriat hospital but also other cancer care providers in the country.


Capacity Building of the Physicians

Afghanistan Cancer Foundation hired a medical oncologist to oversee the activities of the medical staff at the cancer ward of Jamhoriat hospital. At the same time, the medical oncologist is also building the capacity of the physicians treating patients at the cancer ward. The capacity building activities include structured trainings through conferences and training workshops and; on-job- trainings. Afghanistan Cancer Foundation is also planning to work with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) of Afghanistan to develop a comprehensive curriculum for training residents in oncology.


 Capacity Building of the Nurses

Afghanistan Cancer Foundation is also committed to improve the quality of nursing services through training and capacity building. Therefore, the Afghanistan Cancer Foundation in close coordination with the NCCP is building the capacity of nurses and other para-clinic staff in cancer care services. Afghanistan Cancer Foundation is already in contact with hospitals and cancer centers abroad, who are willing to train nurses in cancer care for Afghanistan.


Scholarship Program

Afghanistan Cancer Foundation is also planning to provide scholarships to qualified Afghans (including doctors and nurses) who are willing to be trained and educated in cancer services.